The Butterfield Mansion Wedding | Brookhaven, MS.


Butterfield Mansion Wedding | Historic Venue in Brookhaven, MS.Butterfield Mansion | Historic Wedding Venue in Brookhaven Ms.

Having a wedding at a landmark venue seems like an interesting option. If you want to have your special day in a mansion that would help you create a unique experience, you have come to the right place. Since choosing the perfect space to host your celebration is of utmost importance, I would love to provide you with an option that may seem interesting to you. It is the gorgeous Butterfield Mansions wedding venue – and you are going to love it!

The History of The Butterfield Mansion

Let’s start with a little fun fact – this is a southern mansion that was built way back in 1911, by Charles Butterfield, who was building a home for his second wife! Through the decades, the stunning Butterfield Mansion wedding venue in Brookhaven, MS has not been a place to celebrate nuptials – it has been the home of many owners, some of them designers and medical practitioners. However, this house was finally bought in 2017 by a couple who wanted to make a difference. And they did!

The mansion was in a state of shock when this couple purchased it. However, they managed to get it back to its former glory, and even take it a step further! Nowadays, when you are looking for wedding venues in Brookhaven, MS, this is a place that is bound to come up on your search.

Details of the Butterfield Mansion.

Showing you pure and classical southern elegance, this venue offers everything that your romantic heart desires. It has a grand staircase where you can take the most beautiful wedding portraits. Plus, it can provide you with architecture that would make your jaw drop! You will be that perfect Mississippi bride in her incredible wedding venue.

As a Mississippi wedding photographer, I could not get enough of this venue, especially the staircase. From my experience, it has proven to be one of the best features of this estate and brides tend to love posing for their bridal portraits there. It gives the entire venue a charm and uniqueness that you would not want to miss! This venue has limitless options on making your ceremony and reception resemble what only one can dream of. 

The Butterfield Mansion wedding venue is here, waiting for you. It will exceed your expectations and will ensure an unforgettable wedding. Booking your wedding at the Butterfield Mansion will leave you and your guest raving about it for years. They will even provide you with a list of vendors you can book. After all, it is their specialty to provide impeccable service to any happy couple out there. 

Capturing your day at Butterfield Mansion Wedding Venue.

Finally, all you need is a Mississippi wedding photographer. One that will make all the difference. Capturing the essence of your feelings during your wedding day is what I love the most, and I would be honored to be a part of your celebration at the Butterfield Mansion wedding venue.

Every Mississippi bride dreams of the perfect wedding venue. From all the wedding venues in Brookhaven, MS, the Butterfield Mansion wedding venue is by far one of the best ones. Enjoy your special day at a location that will make you the happiest!

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