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A Reed House at Live Oaks Wedding

There are a lot of things to think about when planning a wedding. Location, food, dress… the list goes on and on. But one thing that’s often overlooked is the venue. The Reed House at Live Oaks in Jackson, MS is the perfect place to say “I do” – it’s gorgeous, intimate, and breathtaking. Plus, the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating, making your day truly special. If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue in Mississippi, look no further than The Reed House at Live Oaks!

History of Reed House at Live Oaks 

The 130-acre Live Oaks Golf Club is not just a place for golf. It’s an oasis where you can hold your event from cocktail hour to dinner and everything in between, all under the watchful eye of these ancient trees that have witnessed over 250 years worth of events including wedding rehearsals, ceremonies, corporate events, and as well as many other memorable occasions!The venue is built by Kyle and Kathryn Morris in the original clubhouse location, which was given its name after his mother – Jean Reed Adams. As a child growing up playing golf with friends at Live Oaks Golf Club who are also still there today; he has always loved this place so it’s an honor for him to be able-to bring people together through shared memories or just some good old fashioned competition! From the brilliant landscaping and lights beneath a canopy of live oaks trees, outdoor pavilions to an indoor space where you can host your event with ease. The Reed House at Live Oaks offers unforgettable backdrop for any type whether it’s intimate gathering or glorious celebration!


The Reed House at Live Oaks Grounds

Bridal Cottage

The Reed House is a magical place that has been tailored to suit your every need. You can have privacy in this intimate cottage with its 1200 square foot interior and dedicated room for dress viewing, or you may prefer sharing space among friends as they share their story of inspiration behind the big day! This is one of the many perks to booking the The Reed House at Live Oaks as your wedding venue

The Pavillion and Event Hall is 10,000 sq feet of endless wedding day opportunities. The new building is an architectural marvel, with its large glass windows and rolling garage doors that open to the garden areas for patios. 

The Garden Area

The Reed House at Live Oaks has an excellent garden that was made for strolling. The landscaping is heel friendly, making it easy to explore the beautiful grounds outside without any difficulty or risk of injury! There are also many trees in this property which create a canopy overhead providing shade during hot summer days while giving you plenty light by way their branches reach outwards so all may enjoy exploring these lush green spaces together

The exterior covered pavilion provides ample space where events like cocktail hour after your wedding ceremony. 


Mississippi Wedding Photographers Advice:

As a wedding photographer, I know that the wedding venue can make or break a wedding day. That’s why I was thrilled to discover The Reed House at Live Oaks. From the moment I walked in, I could tell that it was the perfect place for a Mississippi bride to say “I do.” The light was beautiful, and the walls were a lovely shade of ivory. Most importantly, the room felt warm and welcoming. I knew that any bride and groom who got married here would have beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

With a warm day, the sun is about to set and you pose for your most amazing wedding pictures! Finally having an experienced professional capture all of those candid emotions throughout this special event will make it even more memorable. I have loved being able to be part in such important moments with people who share their love for each other at The Reed House Live Oaks.

Hope you loved this blog! To discover more venues, browse through my other blogs here. If you need a photographer that will give a unique and emotional touch to your photos, I’m your person! Feel free to get in touch with me!

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