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What’s in style for wedding dresses in 2023? If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, read on for the top trends predictions! From sleek and simple gowns to unique and eye-catching designs, these styles are sure to make a statement on your big day. So whether you’re preparing for your own day or just curious, get ready to be inspired by the hottest bridal fashion trends of 2023!

The Top Wedding Dress Trends in 2023

  1. Colorful Florals

    Gowns with bold blooms will be everywhere in 2023. While floral motifs and wedding dresses are a classic pairing, colorful prints and splashy embroidery give this established trend a gorgeous refresh. To pull off this fashion-forward look in real life, keep your accessories simple and let your gown do all the talking.

  2. Party Dress

    While bridal gowns will always be the star of the show on a wedding day, party dresses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bridesmaids and guests. Thanks to a surge in popularity of destination weddings and more relaxed wedding dress codes, brides are opting for lighter, more fun party dresses for their bridal parties. Whether it’s a short and flirty number or a long and flowing gown, party dresses offer a wide range of options to suit any wedding style. And with so many fashionable options to choose from, it’s no wonder party dresses are one of the hottest trends in weddings for 2023.

  3. Something Blue Wedding Dresses

    Blue has long been associated with royalty, so it’s no surprise that shades of blue are becoming increasingly popular for bridal gowns. So scooch over blush pink, blue hues convey a feeling of elegance and prestige, and every bride want’s to feel like royalty. Whether you choose a dress in a pale periwrinkle or a vibrant cornflower, a shade of blue is sure to make you feel like a queen on your wedding day.

  4. Straight Necklines Bridal Gowns

    One of the biggest wedding trends for 2023 is straight necklines on bridal gowns. This simple, yet elegant look is perfect for brides who want to make a statement on their big day. The straight neckline is also flattering for all body types, and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the overall style of the wedding. Whether you’re looking for a traditional gown with a modern twist, or a completely unique design, a straight neckline is sure to turn heads.

  5. Bridal Suiting

    More and more brides are choosing to forgo traditional bridal gowns in favor of sleek, sharp-looking suits. While the bridal suit look is not for everyone, it can be a great option for brides who want to make a fashion statement on their big day. And with so many different styles and cuts to choose from, there’s sure to be a bridal suit that’s perfect for every bride.

  6. BallGowns Wedding Dresses

    You’ll be happy to know that ballgowns are back in style! After years of fitted gowns and sleek silhouettes, brides are once again embracing the drama of a voluminous skirt. Whether you’re dreaming of a fairytale Princess moment or a glamorous Hollywood glamour look, there’s a ballgown out there to suit your style. And don’t worry if you’re not naturally tall – many designers are now offering petite-friendly options with shorter skirts and lower necklines.

  7. High Slits

    Adding a slit to your wedding dress can add a touch of drama and elegance, and it’s a great way to show off your bridal shoes. Plus, it’s a trend that is sure to turn heads on your big day. While some brides opt for a more modest slit, others go for a more dramatic look with a thigh-high slit. No matter what style you choose, a highslit bridal gown is sure to be a showstopper.

  8. Mock Necks

    One of the hottest trends for 2023 is the mock neck. This style can be found in a variety of silhouettes, from sleek and modern to romantic and vintage-inspired. The mock neck is a flattering style for brides of all shapes and sizes, and it can be dressed up or down to suit the specific aesthetic of the wedding. Some bridal gowns with a mock neckline also feature intricate lace or beadwork, which adds an extra touch of elegance. I can guarantee that the mock neck is timeless and a classic choice when choosing your bridal gown.

  9. Dramatic Sleeves

    For brides who want to make a statement on their big day, dramatic sleeves are a trend to watch in 2023. Whether they’re billowing and voluminous or fitted and structured, sleeves that make a statement are a key trend on the bridal runway. For a truly dramatic look, go for a gown with oversized sleeves that extend past the fingertips. However, brides who prefer a more understated look can opt for a dress with delicate lace sleeves or capped sleeves that add a touch of romance. With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be a sleeve style that’s perfect for any bride.

  10. Pearls

    One of the hottest trends right now is pearl detailing. We’re seeing bridal gowns adorned with pearls of all sizes, from delicate strands to oversized statement pieces. And it’s not just the dress that’s getting the pearl treatment – brides are also accessorizing with pearl jewelry, hairpins, and even veils. Whether you want to go all-out or keep it simple, adding a few pearls to your wedding day look is a great way to make a statement.

Wedding dress trends are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s in style. In this blog post, we’ve outlined the top wedding dress trends of 2023 so that you can start planning your big day now! If you want to read more blogs like this or book me as your wedding photographer, make sure to check out my website or follow me on social media. I can’t wait to help capture your beautiful day!

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