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Wedding planning is hard. There are so many decisions to make, and so many vendors to book. You want everything to be perfect on your big day, and that means hiring a planner. A good wedding planner can help with every aspect of your wedding—from finding vendors and making sure they’re all on the same […]


Wedding planning is hard. There are so many decisions to make, and so many vendors to book. You want everything to be perfect on your big day, and that means hiring a planner. A good wedding planner can help with every aspect of your wedding—from finding vendors and making sure they’re all on the same page, to picking out flowers and creating a cohesive color palette for the whole event. They’ll also handle any last-minute emergencies that pop up (like when your favorite vendor cancels last minute).But before you hire one, it’s important to know what kind of wedding planner you’re looking for—and whether or not they’re right for your budget and personality.  Let’s check with Mississippi Wedding PlannerKim Sharp with Kim Sharp Wedding Planning.

Q & A with Mississippi’s Wedding Planner Kim Sharp

How many weddings do you take on a year?

I like to plan on 2 a month. The busy months I will do 3 and the slower months I will do 


How far outside of your Jackson, MS do you travel/serve?

I will travel anywhere! I love to see new places. I do have a travel fee if it is more than 60 miles.

What venues do you recommend to brides and why?

Wow! There are so many venues that I love. I guess it all depends on the couples style. If they like a rustic/lodge setting then McClain is great. If they have a modern/downtown vibe then I love The Faulkner. If they like a peaceful open setting it’s Providence Hill Farm. If they want a little rustic but industrial feel I love The Raymond Venue. There are so many that I could list.


What is the most popular service you offer as a Mississippi Wedding Planner?

My most popular is package 2. It’s the Wedding Planning package where I walk alongside the couple and help them plan their wedding. I help them find a venue and vendors, create a custom timeline, help manage their budget, and so much more.


What is the best advice they can give to a bride who doesn’t know what she wants her wedding to be like?

I have a few questions that I ask them to see where we can go with their style. How do they want to feel at their wedding? Fun and upbeat or calm and classic? How do they want their guests to feel? I try no tot focus too much on the guests feelings but sometimes this does help the couple narrow down their vision. I then show them a few pictures and watch their reaction to different styles. Then we go from there.


What is your favorite part of the planning process?

My favorite part of the planning process is getting to know the couple and their families. I truly feel honored that they would trust with to help with one of the most special days in their lives. I also love the last meeting before the big day. This is where all the big stuff is done and all the details come together to create a beautiful day and the couple is excited about the upcoming ceremony and reception.


Do you offer services on non-weekend days?

I do! I love to do a weekday wedding. I see more couples choosing a weekday wedding because the venue is usually less expensive.


What is a wedding trend that you think is not worth the hype? And what is a trend you think is worth the hype?

Yikes. This is a hard one. There are so many trends. I really think if the couple wants to do something on trend they should do it. They just need to make it their own. Bring some of their personality into it. Guest books are a perfect example. Do they want a book that people can sign or do they want a unique way for guests to acknowledge they were present. I had a bride recently have her guests sign corn hole boards. This was great! They love to play corn hole. I had another couple that loves the downtown Jackson landmarks. They bought a coffee table book that had pictures of the landmarks and the guests signed the book. It was beautiful.


How would you advice a bride to go about choosing her major vendors, such as photographer, venue, and florist?

Choosing a vendor is a big task. I have a list of preferred vendors that I offer my couples. If they choose package 2, the planning package, I will go through each vendors and try to match them up with a specific vendor.

Example: I ask them when they look at a wedding photo what are they drawn to first? Do they like light and airy or dark and moody. After a few more questions I am able to guide them to a photographer that matches their style. I have pictures of venues and vendors work that I can show the couple. This helps a lot in their planning process.


What is something most brides don’t realize a wedding planner does when they hire them?

Some don’t realize that I am the point of contact for their vendors. I will get in touch with the vendors, coordinate their timeline with mine, schedule their arrival times, make sure they arrive on time and set up where they are supposed to. By me being the point of contact it frees up the bride, groom, and their families to enjoy the day. The vendors aren’t calling the bride and asking her where to set up the cake or what time they need to have the flowers there. I handle all of that.


How do you like making things stress free for your couples?

People handle stress differently. I love the stress of planning a wedding. I know that sounds crazy but I do. It is a stress that I feel like I can control. There are a lot of couples that get overwhelmed when it comes to planning. I try to talk them through their concerns, address those, and I hope to make them feel confident in my abilities. I make sure to stay in constant communication with the couple.


How long have you been a Mississippi Wedding Planner?

I have been a planner for over 20 years but decided to make it a business a little over three years ago.


Do you specialize in any particular type of weddings?

I would consider myself a planner for the modest budget couple. Can I do over the top weddings? Yes, I love those. But I can also do great things with a bride that has a bit of a tighter budget.


Do you offer any services outside of full planning?

I have three packages that i offer.

1 – Wedding Management, this is the package for the bride that has most her vendors selected and know what she wants. I will be there to offer advice and help her navigate the planning process. I am there to coordinate the rehearsal and wedding day.

2 – Wedding Planning – this is for the bride that isn’t sure where to start. I walk alongside her and help her through the entire planning process.

3 – Full Service – I do everything except pick out the dress


What made you want to get into planning?

Weddings are amazing. You see two people come together and start to build a life as a couple. I love being married. When I planned my wedding I loved every minute of it. I just knew that I wanted to help other people with their big day and I started helping friends plan their weddings. I was really good at getting all the details and pulling everything together. Friends of friends starting asking me to help with their kids weddings and it just grew from there.


What do you like to do in the off season for fun?

In the off season I love to visit my daughter, son in law, and grandson in CA. I love the mountains so any time I can I will take a trip up there. Bringing a good book or two is a must.


What would your advice be to brides who currently don’t have a planner?

Well….. get one! Even if it’s not me you need one. A planner can help you from selecting your vendors, your venue, helping with your budget and so much more. They will keep you on track. They are also a sounding board when you can’t make a decision.

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I’m super thankful for Kim from Kim Sharp Wedding Planning for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions! As a wedding vendor, it’s fun to get an inside look at other vendors lives, and I hope you found it insightful. Reach out to Kim if you have more questions about her wedding planning business. I know you won’t regret hiring her to help ease the stress of planning your big day. If you’re still on the hunt for a photographer for your wedding, fill out this form. I’d love to chat with you about any questions that you have. For more helpful information on Mississippi Wedding Planners, Weddings, and or Venues, check out the blog posts linked down below.


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