Carillon Beach Wedding | 30A Wedding Venue


Carillon Beach Wedding | 30A Wedding Venue

Ethereal beauty and a clean elegant style – when you start looking for the perfect 30a wedding venue, these are the things that usually come to mind. If you want to create a sleek, elegant, and white wedding feel, then you have to find the ideal place that would match the same energy! This is why today I am recommending the The Meeting House at Carillon Beach as your wedding venue! Take a look at what it has to offer and decide whether it could be the right choice for you.

When you want to give your celebration a coastal feeling and a unique experience, stop and think about what this venue can do for you. Carillon weddings have always been the place where you can create a wonderful nuptial experience and enjoy the view as your dreamy backdrop.

Carillon Weddings at the Meeting House

The Meeting House that you can use has a guest capacity of about 80 guests. Because of the intimate energy that the venue radiates, you are bound to enjoy a clean wedding ceremony with the most intimate feel. As it is obvious from the name, the The Meeting House at Carillon Beach is located on the beach. This means, on top of having love in the air, you will also experience the vastness of the shore while you and your partner say your “I do’s”. Is there anything more magical than this? Besides, it oozes an authentic southern charm that will bring that special something to your ceremony.

Now, other than the intimate ceremony setting, and experiencing the sound of the wedding bell once you are pronounced a married couple; this Carillon wedding venue can offer so much more than that. The professional service at the The Meeting House at Carillon Beach is dedicated and top-notch! Plus, the venue has some magnificent scapes all around. The entire settlement surrounding this place is nestled on the beach, giving you the feel of being drawn into a movie that offers unique coastal architecture and a hospitable environment.

The Meeting House at Carillon Beach is your dream wedding venue.

As you are looking into the The Meeting House at Carillon Beach, you will notice that it can easily transform into the wedding venue of your dreams. Let yourself be swept away by the marvelous scenery and professional team. Choose to have your wedding there and you will end up experiencing the best day of your life!

Of course, this experience would not be complete unless you hire the right wedding photographer to capture your ceremony at The Meeting House at Carillon Beach! I would love to be a part of your big day and help you eternalize the wonderful memories you are going to make.

If you are interested in having your special event etched in the memory of your and your guests’ minds, get in touch with me! Together we can go through the vision and create the most beautiful visual keepsakes. Wish to read some more content about wedding tips, venues, and photography? Then feel free to head over to my blog section.


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