MS Wedding Photographer | Why you need a second shooter.


MS Wedding Photographer

MS Wedding Photographer | Why you need a second shooter.

Once the wedding preparations are in full swing, you should focus on hiring a wedding photographer to document the beauty of your memorable moments. After all, what you will be left with to look back on will be your wedding photos!

When you start looking for a Mississippi wedding photographer, there are plenty of options that come up. If you notice the phrase second shooter popping up a lot, that is because it might be something you could use for your big day. Naturally, you may wonder why, so today I am helping you get an insight into why you should book a second shooter.

10 Reasons why you need a Mississippi Wedding Photographer with a Second Shooter

  1.       Perspective – all of the best Mississippi wedding photographers will tell you the same thing – having a second shooter provides a whole other perspective. When you look back on your wedding day, you will be happy that you booked one.
  2.       Backup – accidents happen all of the time. Because of that, when hiring a MS wedding photographer, opt for one that can provide you with a second shooter as a backup. This will not only ensure their professionality but will also make you feel calmer.
  3.       Divide and conquer – while the Mississippi wedding photographer captures your intimate couple session, the second photographer can take pictures of the guests during cocktail hour. More coverage – more photo memories of your big day! It is a win-win situation on both ends.
  4.       A unique vision – the second shooter can provide you with a whole new perspective of your wedding day. Even if the shooting style is slightly nuanced from the style of the main photographer, it can bring plenty of freshness to your photos.
  5.       While the preparations take place – the preparations of the happy couple happen separately, and it is always nice to have an extra pair of hands on deck. All Mississippi weddings happen with getting ready before the ceremony, so having a second shooter can cover the groom’s preparations, while the main one shoots your side. This will save you a lot of time! That brings me to the next point:
  6.       Helping you get anywhere in time – while the second shooter entertains the family and takes pictures of them, your Mississippi wedding photographer will cover the intimate session and help you get to the reception in time!
  7.       Candid photos everywhere – there may be many candid moments at your Mississippi wedding, and the second shooter can help the first one capture all of them. For example, while your main professional focuses on photographing the family photos, the second one can capture the raw and unposed moments in between!
  8.       Physical help – as strange as it may sound, sometimes the main photographer needs some physical assistance with carrying all the equipment or with taking a shot. While one changes a lens or puts another set of batteries, the second one can seamlessly capture the memories unfolding at that precise moment.
  9.       A large venue – if you are getting married in a large venue, two photographers are always better than one. In short, that’s my final point:
  10.   Two is always better than one – if you want to get the best Mississippi wedding photographer for your big day, you will often get the option of having a second professional on board. Depending on your preferences and the factors above, having another photographer covering your wedding as well is always better.

Hiring a Mississippi wedding photographer with a second shooter can be an interesting challenge, so I hope that these pointers will help you make the right choice. After all, you need to have all the memories of your special day captured and be able to cherish them for decades to come. Check out this other blog about why you should have two photographers.

If you loved this content, you can discover more here. Do you need a photographer that will give a feminine and emotional touch to your photos? Then I’m your person! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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